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If you are the owner of a commercial boiler, then you will need to maintain it for it to last as long as possible. The best way to do this is by having Rowlen do a commercial boiler service London every year so that any issues can be found and resolved before they turn into more significant problems.

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Here at Rowlen, we complete commercial boiler servicing all year round and have over 50 years’ experience in the trade. That means that when you come to us, you get a reliable service delivered by a professional, family-run team. Why don’t you call us today?

Commercial Boiler Service London

If you have been looking for a ‘commercial boiler service London’ then you have found the right team! Rowlen operates across London and the surrounding areas, helping businesses to maintain their commercial boilers.

Owning a business is hard work, and there is nothing worse than your boiler being out of service. That’s where our commercial boiler engineers come in as they are ready 24/7 to help you resolve the boiler problems that are stopping you from earning money.

The most current advice is that you should aim to have your commercial boiler serviced annually. Doing this will help you keep your unit in good working order and alert you to any potential problems that need resolving.

What Happens During A Commercial Boiler Service?

When it comes to a boiler service, many customers ask us what is included as it is important not to waste any of your hard-earned cash. Take a look at the list below to find out what is included in an annual service:

  • Visual checks are completed first. This is when the engineer looks over the boiler, casing, pipes and anything that is leading into or out of the boiler. This check is done to help identify any potential issues with your system.
  • Next, we look at the flame. Each boiler has a flame, and this flame should be blue in colour. The reason we check this is that it can tell us whether there are any immediate problems should it not be the right colour.
  • Testing your system is a crucial part of the service. Your engineer with test all the parts to make sure the boiler is running as efficiently as possible and find out if any leaks need to be fixed.
  • Checking the parts is an essential part of the service. The engineer will look at the pipework to ensure it is in good condition and make sure that all the seals are in good working order. If there are any problems with these, then the engineer can usually fix them as they go (as long as you are happy for them to do so).

Once your service has been completed, then the engineer will give you a verbal report on their findings and discuss if any repairs are needed. You will be issued with a service form that has the details of the verbal report you were given.

You can either choose to have the work done at the same time (if practicable), or we can arrange to return to complete any work that you agree to have done. There is no pressure to have any work completed, and you should never feel that you have to agree to additional work unless you are happy.

Why Do I Need An Engineer To Service My Boiler?

Here at Rowlen, we understand the financial pressure in London that is placed upon business owners, and it can be tempting to avoid having your annual service or even trying to do it yourself. However, this course of action can lead to disaster, and we strongly advise you to get a qualified engineer to do the service you require.

There is a range of reasons for you to avoid trying to service your own boiler, these include:

  • Risking your personal safety and the safety of those nearby.
  • Invalidating your warranty so that you are no longer covered.
  • Damaging the system as you may not understand the inner workings properly.
  • Breaking the law as you have to have a Gas Safety Certificate.

Rather than risking your life and your business, call Rowlen and arrange your service. You will be impressed by the clear and fair pricing structure we use.

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