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Whether you’re having a brand-new swimming pool installed, or whether you already have a pool but it needs a new boiler, you need look no further than our swimming pool boiler installation service.

Having a pool is wonderful, but only if you can get plenty of use out of it. When the water is too cold to swim, it’s a pointless and expensive feature. That’s why installing a pool boiler is such a good idea. It will warm the water effectively so that you can enjoy swimming all year round.

When it comes to installing a swimming pool boiler, it’s important to find a reliable company of swimming pool boiler installers who have the necessary experience, skill and qualifications to do the job properly and safely.

Choosing The Right Boiler For You

There are many different brands of swimming pool boiler, and you need to choose the best one to suit your budget and your pool’s requirements. Certikin swimming pool boilers and Laars swimming pool boilers are two of the most popular and well-respected brands in the industry today, and both offer reliable water heating so you can enjoy swimming in warm water. We can recommend a pool boiler brand that would work well for your needs.

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Why Choose A Gas Pool Boiler?

Gas boilers have long been the most popular way of heating swimming pools. They work to generate heat by burning gas inside a combustion chamber. The heat transfers to the water which is taken from the pool and then the warm water is pumped back into the pool. Modern gas boilers are a great improvement over older ones, and there are many excellent models on the market today. Gas boilers offer three key benefits:

  • They are affordable
  • The temperature of the air won’t impact their function
  • They can heat water quickly

Installing Pool Boilers To Suit Your Pool

One of the most important elements to consider when you’re looking for ways to heat the water of your pool is swimming pool boiler sizing. With so many different sized pools out there to choose from, it stands to reason that each size requires a different boiler. If you end up choosing one that isn’t powerful enough for the size of your pool it will take a very long time for the water to heat, and it may have a very short lifespan. When you’re choosing a pool boiler, you should always consider sizing up so that you can be confident that it will be powerful enough to warm the water of your pool quickly and efficiently.

What Are The Benefits Of Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers

We can install a heat exchanger in conjunction with a domestic boiler to heat your pool. This heating method offers several benefits including:

  • Cheaper energy bills
  • Lower repair and servicing costs
  • Less space will be taken up
  • The pool water won’t enter the boiler so there will be fewer breakdowns

The pool water will go through the heat exchanger while the water from the boiler goes through the heat exchanger too. However, the water from each place will never combine, since the heat transfer is indirect. This is different to the way in which a standard pool boiler works.

Choosing An Energy-Efficient Boiler

Your pool boiler needs to be energy-efficient to save you money. If you already have a pool boiler installed, but it is several years old, it may not be very efficient and may be causing you to spend too much money on gas. It may therefore be more cost-efficient to replace your old pool boiler with a brand new one, since today’s up-to-date pool boilers are designed to maximise efficiency and save you money on your fuel bills.

Choosing A Pool Boiler Installation Engineer

When you’re ready to install a conventional new pool boiler or a swimming pool heat exchanger in conjunction with a domestic boiler to warm your pool water, you should call our skilled team. As Gas Safe engineers, we are guaranteed to carry out your pool boiler installation safely and professionally to the highest possible standards for your complete peace of mind.

When you choose us as your first choice of pool boiler engineers, you can be confident that we can also offer you a range of other services to keep your pool boiler operating perfectly all year round. If you experience any problems with your boiler, we have the necessary expertise to pinpoint the cause of the problem and to carry out repairs, and we can also carry out regular annual servicing so all of the components of the boiler can stay in full working order, saving you money in the long-run.

Contact us today to arrange your pool boiler installation, and start enjoying your swim in warm water before you know it!

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    Swimming Pool Boiler Installation
    Swimming Pool Boiler Installation