Swimming Pool Boiler Repairs

If you have a swimming pool, ensuring that its boiler is functioning properly is essential. Without a working swimming pool boiler, the water will not be a suitable temperature for swimming and you won’t be able to get any use from your pool. Unfortunately, just as with a domestic boiler for hot water and central heating, a swimming pool boiler can also experience issues and can break down, leaving you with no warm water. Luckily, we can carry out swimming pool boiler repair in Surrey, London and the South East. to make sure you get maximum benefit from your pool.

Repairing Your Pool Boiler In Surrey

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor pool, and whether it’s a small private pool in your home or a large commercial pool, our team of skilled and experienced swimming pool boiler engineers have the necessary qualifications and expertise to identify the source of any problem that you’re experiencing, and then to put the issue right. Our team have extensive experience in working with all major brands of pool boiler including Certikin swimming pool boilers, so you can be confident that you’ll be in safe hands when you choose us as your number one repair company in Surrey.

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Do I Need A Specialist Boiler Repair Company For My Pool?

If you’re searching the internet for swimming pool service and repair near me, you need to be sure that you’re choosing a boiler repair company that has specific skills and experience in working on swimming pool boilers. Many boiler engineers are experienced only in working on domestic boilers and therefore are unable to identify the common problems that occur in swimming pool heating systems. It’s therefore essential to only use a team of boiler engineers who have the right qualifications and training to work in this specialist area.

What May Be Wrong With My Swimming Pool Boiler?

There are a number of common problems that can affect the function of your swimming pool boiler. Some of the most frequently seen include:

  • The boiler won’t ignite – this is a common issue. First, check whether the heater has been turned on and the temperature has been correctly set. The thermostat must be set at a higher temperature than the water temperature. Check that the filter and pump are clean, and that the pilot light is lit. If it isn’t, you should check the venting, air supply and gas pressure, and ensure the pilot tube isn’t clogged or damaged. Make sure that the gas supply valve has been turned to the on position too.
  • Low flow of water – for the pool boiler to operate efficiently and smoothly, the pool system has to maintain a consistent water flow. Pool boilers are fitted with a pressure sensor to detect and monitor any change in the water flow. Sometimes, the LCD screen of the boiler will show a warning of “Low Water Flow”. If this happens, the problem could be a dirty filter. If the filter pressure gauge’s PSI reading is too high, the filter needs cleaning. The problem could also be due to a dirty pump basket. Make sure any debris is removed and that the lid and basket are in good condition. If several water features are operating at the same time, this could be the reason for low water flow, but the most common cause of this problem is a defective pressure switch or sensor.
  • The boiler keeps turning on and off – this could be a sign that the power supply or electrical connection is having issues, but there are a few other possible causes of this problem too. The pool water chemistry may be wrong, the pressure sensor, high limit switch or thermal regulator could be corroded, covered in scale or experiencing electrolysis issues. Also, if the filter is dirty, low pressure can be the result and this can cause the pressure switch of the heater to turn off. The heat exchanger may also have deteriorated, so it should be inspected for sanitizer or chemical damage.
  • The boiler isn’t heating up – sometimes, the boiler will ignite but fail to reach the selected temperature. Other times, the boiler won’t generate any heat at all. If this is the case for you, check that the temperature sensor isn’t damaged or installed incorrectly, and try setting the thermostat to a higher temperature. It’s also possible that the heater is the wrong size for your pool – oversizing the pool heater will shorten the amount of time needed to heat up your pool.

Repairing Your Pool Boiler

If you’re experiencing any kind of problem with your swimming pool boiler, contact us today. As a team of professional and experienced swimming pool boiler repairers in Surrey, we should be your number one choice to identify the source of your problem and carry out a repair so you can enjoy your pool once more.

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