Certkin Boiler Service

If you have a swimming pool and use a Certkin boiler to heat it, then you will want to make sure that you can use it all year round and enjoy your pool whenever you want to. The best way to do this is through regular maintenance, and having a Certkin boiler service at least once a year. In fact, if you arrange an annual boiler service, you can be confident that it should last for up to 15 years!

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Certkin Boiler Service

The Rowlen team are professionally qualified Certkin boiler engineers and have an excellent understanding of the Certkin range. When we arrange your boiler service, you can be assured that we will only ever send an engineer that is qualified to work with this range of swimming pool boilers.

On the day of your service, we will send one of our engineers to your property at the agreed time. They will work quickly and efficiently to service your boiler and then feedback to you on any work that needs to be done. Most small maintenance jobs can be completed at the same time so that you do not need to give up more of your time for a second visit. However, if there is any work that cannot be completed during the visit, we will happily arrange a return call at your convenience.

Certkin Boiler Service Costs

Many people avoid getting their boiler serviced as a way to save money, but this decision could end up costing you more in the long run. When we service a boiler annually, there is a greater chance that small problems will not have the time to become bigger issues meaning that they will not cost you a lot of money.

We have completed many Certkin Genie repairs over the years and know what to look for to be sure that your boiler is running efficiently. We will never quote for more work than is necessary and often find that boilers that have been serviced annually do not tend to need ongoing repairs.

We aim to be transparent when it comes to pricing and offer a Certkin boiler service for £150 + vat making us an ideal choice when you want to stick to a budget and keep your boiler in great condition.


Common Certkin Problems

As with most boilers, there are specific issues that are common to the Certkin range. If you are struggling with any of the following issues, then contact Rowlen so that we can come and solve them for you:

  • A boiler failing to ignite is one of the most common issues that we get called out for, and it can be caused by a wide range of factors. From having an incorrectly set thermostat to clogged pipes and poor connections to the pilot light not being lit.
  • Low water flow is when the pool is not maintaining a water flow at the right level, possibly because the filters are dirty or clogged. This is easily resolved if attended to early.
  • A boiler turning off intermittently is another common problem and can be an electrical fault, corrosion issue or simply a dirty component. This issue needs to be resolved quickly to make sure that it does not turn into an expensive repair.
  • If everything seems fine, but the water is not getting warm, then the pressure sensor may not be working, causing the pool to not heat thoroughly.

If you are experiencing any of these issues or have a problem that has not been listed, then we are here to help you get it resolved quickly with minimal fuss. We are usually able to diagnose and fix these issues on the first visit, but if we need to return, we will arrange it at a time that suits you and ensure that all the work is done to a high standard so that you can start to enjoy your pool again.

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