Pentair Pool Heaters

When you heat your pool with a Pentair MasterTemp, then you will need to keep it in the best possible condition to ensure that it offers maximum efficiency and cost-effective use. To do this, you need to invest in pool heater maintenance with a trusted company like Rowlen.

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Pentair MasterTemp Repair

If your pool heater is not working the way you would expect, then there may be a fault that needs attention. Leaving faults to continue can result in much larger repair bills, so it is always wise to call us out as soon as you notice the problem.

When it comes to the Pentair MasterTemp 400, common problems include:

  • The ignition failing to light – this can be caused by the valves not being in the correct position, the valves being closed or the pilot light not being on. If these things are not the issue, then you will need to call us out to diagnose and fix the issue for you.
  • The heaters shutting down sporadically – this can be a sign that there is an excessive build-up of dirt and debris that needs to be cleaned out or
  • Water flow issues – this can be due to running your pump on a setting that is too low or having a pressure sensor that is no longer working, causing the water flow to fail to meet the requirements for the unit to work.
  • Pool heater working but not getting the pool to the right temperature – this could be as simple as the thermostat not being set at the right temperature. It could also be that your pool heater is too small for your pool and so it will not have the required capacity to heat the space that you want it to heat.

Whatever issues you are having with your boiler, Rowlen is an ideal choice when it comes to repairs. We are able to visit the property and diagnose the problem and discuss your options so that you can take a course of action that gets your pool up and running again with the least disruption and cost possible. The sooner you call for help, the less likely it is that you will have a large bill as we can often resolve small problems on the spot.

Pentair Service Options

It is clear that pool heater maintenance and servicing is vital to ensure that your unit’s lifespan is as long as possible. Here at Rowlen, we advise that you have an annual service to keep your equipment in the best condition.

All our services are completed by well qualified Rowlen engineers who will arrive within our agreed timeslot and complete their work to a high standard. They will start by undertaking a visual inspection of your heater and then complete the following checks:

  • Inspect the burner intake ports for debris build-up.
  • Check for any corrosion or fraying on the burners.
  • Check the water flow is at the optimal level.
  • Check the pipework for and leaks, corrosion or damage.
  • Ensure any sealed controls are in good working order.
  • And much more.
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Completing Your Service

Once your service is complete, our engineer will share all their findings and discuss the urgency of any repairs that may be needed. If you want to proceed with any repairs, our engineer will liaise with you and the booking team to get any parts ordered and arrange a return visit at a time that suits you. If you have any questions about the work, then the engineer will be happy to answer them before they leave.

We offer good value for money and transparent pricing so that you are not left with a bill that you were not expecting. Currently, our Pentair servicing package costs £150 + vat for the full service and advice from our engineers. If you need any further work completed, then we will share the total cost with you before you agree to have it done, that way you can be sure that our service is excellent value for money.

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