Power Flushing

Sludge not removed from your heating system accumulates and can cause serious blockages, as well as radiator and heating control valve damage.


Save money and improve heat distribution

Sludge, limescale and debris can prevent your central heating system from working to its full capacity. It may make noises or heat up too slowly. A power flush removes system build-up, eradicating sludge, rust and contaminants from the pipes, coils, heat exchangers and radiators, restoring your central heating system to its full power.

, Power Flushing, Rowlen

Extend the lifespan

Of your heating system & prevent boiler failure

, Power Flushing, Rowlen

Improve efficiency

Better heat output and lower heating bills. Carbon emissions will be reduced

, Power Flushing, Rowlen

Restore your system to full capacity

Save money with the power flush paying for itself over time

Rowlen provide the latest in power flushing technology

Pioneers in magnetic filtration technology, the Adey power flush service removes sludge, debris and rust particles from your system in just a few hours and via one single run-through. Time taken will depend upon how many radiators you have.

If these sludge and rust particles are not removed from the pipes, they enter the radiators and boiler. You end up with higher heating bills, increased carbon emissions and expensive call-outs to your central heating system.

The sludge will cause the system to operate at reduced capacity, often with cold spots, noisy pipes and finally, damage to the boiler which can be expensive to repair or replace.

Remove damaging sludge from your heating system

Eradicate cold spots, noisy pipes and potential damage to your boiler with a power flush carried out by our Gas Safe accredited engineers. Covering the whole of Middlesex, London & Surrey, contact us today

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Save money by ensuring that your gas central heating system is as efficient as it can be. Our power flush service will pay for itself over time by reducing your heating costs.

, Power Flushing, Rowlen
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