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Rowlen specialises in powerflushing heating systems across London & Surrey. We have been established since 1970s, Our services remove rust and sludge, resolving issues like cold radiators and noisy boilers. By choosing us, you ensure a warm home, improved hot water, and lower gas bills.

  • Helps your home heat up faster and wastes less energy
  • Reduces system wear and tear and helps to protect your boiler
  • 12-month guarantee on our work
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Does Your System Need a PowerFlush?

These are the common symptoms that you need a powerflush

Cold spots on your radiators

The reason radiators often become cold is due to the accumulation of dirty water and corrosion debris within them. This buildup forces the heating system to consume more fuel as it struggles to warm up the home efficiently.

Boiler cuts out or bangs

Boilers can emit loud banging sounds, known as “kettling,” which occur when corrosion debris obstructs and damages the heat exchanger. These blockages impede proper circulation, causing the boiler to overheat and shut down.

Blocked Radiator Pipes:

When radiators feel stone cold, corrosion debris is likely obstructing the radiator pipes. It’s crucial to powerflush the system promptly to prevent these blockages from becoming permanent, which would require more invasive measures like cutting out the affected parts.

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How To Arrange A Powerflush

Arranging Your Powerflush Appointment:

Simply book a complimentary appointment with us. One of our skilled central heating engineers will visit your home to inspect your central heating system and provide you with a no-obligation, fixed-price quote.

Scheduling the Powerflush:

Should you choose to proceed with the Powerflush, we're here to assist in scheduling a suitable time for you. Be aware that completing a Powerflush can take about eight hours.

Guaranteeing Your Powerflush:

Opt for our Powerflush service, and you'll benefit from a 12-month guarantee for peace of mind.

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Gas Heating Installation

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Boiler Servicing

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Excellent Communication, Friendly and Easy to Work With. Highly Professional and Prompt. Would Definitely Choose Their Services Again.


Gas Safety Checks

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Gavin completed the annual gas safety work for me today and exhibited remarkable efficiency and cleanliness. I highly recommend him for any work you may need.


Boiler annual inspection and smart thermostat installation

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Easy communication and very reliable service both times, with both engineers. Very happy with the service provided.


Installing a pool boiler

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A really great service from start to finish. Easy to speak to at the outset to arrange a visit from an engineer. He came up with...


Boiler break down

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I recently experienced the remarkable service of Rowlen Boiler Services when I encountered an issue with my boiler. Their prompt response and ability to fit me in for a same-day appointment...


New boiler installed

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Work was carried out at my elderly Mothers house . The engineers were very kind and respectful, they cleared up before thy left each evening...


Boiler service and gas safety check

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I had Rowlen Boiler Services perform a service on my boiler, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Their engineers were friendly, professional, and highly skilled...


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Power Flush FAQs

  • Why Should I have a powerflush?

    At the heart of a comfortable home lies a well-functioning central heating system, crucial for providing residents with essential warmth and hot water. However, over time, these systems face challenges that can compromise efficiency. A prevalent issue involves the accumulation of sludge, rust, and other debris within the system, leading to decreased performance, cold spots, and potential boiler breakdowns. Power flushing—a highly effective solution designed to combat these problems and rejuvenate central heating systems. Eliminating dirty water.

    While there is an initial investment associated with power flushing, the long-term benefits far exceed the costs. Consider the following advantages:

    Enhanced Efficiency
    Power flushing removes sludge, rust, and contaminants, optimizing the central heating system’s efficiency. This process ensures that heat can circulate freely, eliminating cold spots and enhancing overall performance.

    Extended Lifespan
    Regular power flushing helps prevent internal corrosion and damage, thereby extending the lifespan of your central heating system. This is particularly beneficial for older systems, contributing to their longevity.

    Reduced Energy Bills
    A clean and efficiently running system results in lower energy consumption. Power flushing eliminates blockages, enabling the system to operate at its peak, thereby reducing energy bills and promoting energy efficiency.

    Prevention of Boiler Breakdowns
    Power flushing helps prevent boiler breakdowns by removing all the dirty water, sludge and debris that can cause malfunctions. This proactive approach contributes to the overall reliability of the central heating system.

    Quieter Operation
    Power flushing addresses issues like noisy boilers and loud banging noises, promoting a quieter operation of the heating system. This is achieved by eliminating air pockets, excess acid, and corrosive elements that contribute to disruptive sounds.

    Optimized Heat Distribution
    Cold radiators and uneven heat distribution are common problems in aging central heating systems. Power flushing ensures a uniform flow of heat throughout the whole system, eliminating cold spots and providing consistent warmth across all radiators.

    Cost-Effective Solution
    While there is a cost associated with power flushing, it is a cost-effective solution in the long run. The benefits, including reduced energy bills and fewer repair costs, outweigh the initial investment required for the power-flushing.

    Compliance with Warranty Requirements
    For those with a new boiler installation, power flushing is often a requirement to maintain the warranty. Failure to comply may result in voiding the warranty, making power flushing a necessary investment for new boiler owners.

    To ensure a successful power flushing process, it is advisable to enlist the services of a qualified central heating engineer or professional. They will use specialized equipment, such as a power flushing unit, to clean the whole system properly and thoroughly. Additionally, the use of a magnetic filter and the application of a corrosion inhibitor fluid contribute to maintaining the system’s cleanliness over time.

    In conclusion, power flushing is a crucial maintenance procedure for central heating systems, offering a range of benefits, from improved efficiency and reduced energy bills to preventing costly boiler breakdowns. Investing in this process not only ensures a comfortable and warm home but also contributes to long-term savings and a more sustainable use of energy.

  • What happens during a powerflush?

    Understanding the nuances of the power flushing process is crucial to grasp its significance in maintaining a healthy and efficient central heating system. Let’s delve into each step of the power flushing journey with Rowlen:

    1. System Assessment: Identifying Specific Needs

    Before commencing the power flushing procedure, our qualified heating engineer conduct a thorough assessment of your central heating system. This step is critical in pinpointing specific issues unique to your system. By tailoring the power flushing process to address these individual requirements, we ensure a precise and effective service.

    2. Chemical Treatment: Breaking Down Contaminants Safely

    Once the assessment is complete, a powerful yet safe chemical solution is introduced into the system. This specially formulated chemical works to break down sludge, rust, and other contaminants that may have accumulated over time in system boiler. The goal is to prepare these impurities for easy removal during the subsequent stages of the power flushing process.

    3. High-Velocity Flushing: Thorough Decontamination

    With the contaminants suitably broken down, the high-velocity flushing stage begins. A forceful flow of clean water is introduced into the system, effectively dislodging and flushing out the loosened debris. This process is meticulously monitored to ensure a comprehensive removal of impurities, leaving your central heating system thoroughly decontaminated.

    4. Neutralization: Safeguarding Against Corrosion

    Following the flushing process, a neutralizing agent is introduced into the system. This agent plays a crucial role in stabilizing the system and preventing further internal corrosion. Neutralization is a pivotal step in maintaining the health and longevity of your central heating system, safeguarding it against corrosive elements that could compromise its efficiency.

    5. System Refill: Ensuring Optimal Operation

    Once the power flushing is successfully completed, the system is refilled with clean water. Additionally, any necessary inhibitors are added to provide ongoing protection against future build-ups of sludge and contaminants. This final step ensures that your central heating system operates optimally, free from the impediments that can hinder its performance.

  • How much is a powerflush?

    A power flush cost is influenced by factors such as the size and complexity of your central heating system. With Rowlen, you gain the advantage of transparent fixed quotations, providing you with a clear understanding of the expected investment.

    Investing in power flushing becomes a cost-effective solution when considering the substantial long-term benefits it brings to your central heating system. Ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your old central heating system, with Rowlen’s reliable and affordable power flushing services.

    Factors Influencing Power Flush Costs:

    System Size: The size of your central heating system, determined by the number of the pipes and radiators and complexity of the setup, can influence the overall cost of power flushing.

    Extent of Contamination: If your system is heavily contaminated with sludge and debris, the power flushing process may require more time and resources, impacting the overall cost.

    Additional Services: In some cases, additional services such as the installation of a magnetic filter or the replacement of certain components may be recommended to enhance the effectiveness of power flushing. These optional services can contribute to the overall power flush cost however.

    Local Factors: Regional variations and the cost of living in your area can also play a role in determining the final cost of power flushing.

    Rowlen believes in transparency and provides fixed quotations for power flushing services. What you see in your quote is what you’ll pay, with no hidden extras. This commitment to clarity ensures that homeowners can budget confidently for this essential maintenance service.

  • Why Rowlen for my powerflush?

    At Rowlen, our team of dedicated and qualified central heating engineers is the cornerstone of our commitment to delivering top-notch power flushing services. With a wealth of experience and certifications, our Gas Safe registered professionals bring expertise to handle various central heating systems. Choosing Rowlen means opting for the reliability and efficiency guaranteed by our skilled engineers.

    Comprehensive System Assessment

    Our process begins with a meticulous assessment of your central heating system. Our heating engineer will identify contamination areas, evaluate component conditions, and grasp the unique requirements of your entire system.

    Precision Power Flushing

    Executing the power flushing process with precision, our qualified engineers utilize advanced equipment and premium chemicals to eliminate sludge, debris, and contaminants from your central heating system.

    Installation of Protective Measures

    To prolong the life of your heating system, our engineers may recommend and install protective measures like a magnetic filter. This additional step prevents future build-ups, ensuring sustained system efficiency.

    Transparent Communication

    Throughout the power flush process, our qualified central engineers maintain open and transparent communication. They explain each step, address concerns, and provide insights to keep your central heating system in optimal health.

  • Why should I choose power flushing over other methods to cleanse my heating system?

    A Power flush offers a comprehensive solution, effectively removing sludge, debris, and rust particles from your central heating system. Unlike traditional methods, it ensures a thorough cleansing in a single run-through, minimizing downtime and maximising efficiency.

  • Can I attempt power flushing as a DIY project, or should I hire a qualified professional anyway?

    While some homeowners might consider DIY power flushing, it’s a complex process that requires specialized knowledge and equipment. Hiring a qualified central heating engineer also ensures the job is done efficiently, avoiding potential issues that could arise from improper execution.

  • What is magnetic filtration, and how does it contribute to the power flushing process?

    Magnetic filtration is a revolutionary aspect of Kamco power flush machine. It involves powerful magnets that attract and capture all the sludge, debris, and rust particles circulating in your central heating system. This technology enhances the efficiency of the power flush, preventing potential blockages and corrosion.

  • How often should I consider a power flush my heating system?

    The frequency of a power flush depends on various factors, including the age and condition of your central heating system. As a general guideline, it’s recommended every 10 years to maintain optimal efficiency. However, specific circumstances may warrant more frequent power flushes.

  • Will power flushing help reduce my heating bills?

    Yes, a power flush can contribute to less fuel bills and lower heating bills. By removing sludge and debris, your central heating system operates more efficiently, ensuring better heat distribution and reduced energy consumption.

  • What are the signs that my central heating system needs a power flush?

    Common signs include cold spots on pipes and radiators, strange noises from the old boiler, and uneven heating. If you notice a decline in your old boiler and cold radiators a power flush could be the solution to restore efficiency.

  • Is a power flush a messy process, and will it disrupt my daily routine?

    While a power flush is a thorough process, we will take measures to minimise disruption. The use of advanced equipment, such as the Adey power flush, ensures a swift and efficient procedure with minimal mess.

  • How much does a power flush cost, and is it a cost-effective solution?

    The cost of a power flush varies based on factors like the size and number of radiators in your central heating system and the extent of contamination. While there is an initial cost, the long-term benefits, including improved efficiency and reduced energy bills, make it a cost-effective investment.

  • Can a power flush prevent future issues with my heating system?

    Yes, one of the advantages of a power flush is its preventive nature. By eliminating contaminants, it helps safeguard your central heating system against potential issues, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

    Investing in the expertise of qualified engineers for a power flush is a strategic choice for homeowners prioritizing an efficient, reliable, and enduring central heating system. At Rowlen, our unwavering commitment to transparent pricing, customer-centric services, and leveraging local expertise makes us the top choice for a power flush in London, and Surrey.

    Still, have lingering questions about the transformative benefits of a power flush? Reach out to Rowlen today for personalized answers and discover how our advanced power flush technology, coupled with the proficiency of our qualified engineers, can elevate the efficiency and longevity of your heating system. Don’t wait—take the first step towards a more efficient home by contacting us now

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