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Combi is short for ‘combination’. It refers to the way this kind of system works as it does central heating and hot water . Which means there’s no need for a water tank as hot water is provided on demand. Aswell as saving you space normally taken up by a water tank in the loft or airing cupboard, a combi boiler saves on hot water costs as well as providing you hot water at mains pressure.

Like a regular system, this uses stored hot water, But because the water is pumped from the boiler straight to the radiators and hot water tank, it’s a faster, more economical  system. Also, many of the components of the system are builtin,| making it easier, quicker and more affordable to install.

This typically forms part of a conventional  heating system,and is linked to a series of water tanks that feed the boiler and radiators. Storing hot water is key to this system, so unlike a combi, a plentiful supply of hot water  is always available.|a plentiful. Space in the loft and airing cupboard is necessary for tanks.

You should service your boiler annually, that’s every single year. A well serviced boiler can last you 20+ years. We MOT and service our car, revise our technology and even take ourselves into the doctor for a check-up now and then; why ignore your boiler?

We will catch issues earlier on which should make them easier and therefore cheaper to fix. We can also perform a Powerflush which is essentially a deep clean for your radiators and pipes that gets rid of any built up sludge.

A gas boiler service usually takes between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours

If you have your annual service done by us, we’ll be in touch when your annual service is next due.

A typical room thermostat just lets you change the temperature in your house utilizing a control or dial panel. A good thermostat provides you better, more user-friendly and more accessible control over your home’s heating system using three basic components.
The first component plugs straight into your boiler and can speak to the next component wirelessly, the in-home device this is the thermostat and main control.
The next component is an application that is downloaded to a smartphone (or tablet). Users control the thermostat/main control device via the app remotely, allowing them to change their heating from wherever they might be.
This is actually the basic makeup of all smart thermostats.
Some smart thermostats offer more, such as ‘learning’ your routine by detecting whenever your smartphone is inside your home, or even taking it step further by detecting if you are on your typical path home, and planning your home to the required temperature.

If you have an older non-condensing boiler, your emissions will be higher and the efficiency could be as low as 50 – 70 %  depending on the manufacturer and how badly the baffles may have distorted, or not. A new non-condensing or condensing boiler will give you efficiencies of between 88 – 95% typically. Helping you save in your gas bills.

  • Boiler Power Supply
    First check the power supply to your central heating is on. Sounds silly?  This happens a great deal and because customers stress about their heating system problems it gets missed. Maybe it’s a fuse or the main circuit breaker panel has tripped and just needs resetting.
  • Reset Button
    Most boilers have safety devices built in, so if these are tripped a simple reset gets your whole system working. The reset button is generally on the front of the boiler. Sometimes it’s a dial that needs resetting to zero and flipped back on.
    Can’t find your reset button? Check your boilers instructions – it’ll be in there.
  • Heating Controls
    The problem is sometimes with central heating programmers, so check your instructions and make sure that they’re all set for operation.
    All it takes is one wrong button pressed and no heating or hot water.
  • Gas supply
    Gas supply can cause a lot of central heating or boiler breakdowns, if you run out of credit, the gas will be powered down. So top-up the credit and re-insert the card. Also, press the gas meter reset button to be able to re-establish gas supply  to your boiler.
  • Pressure
    System pressure in boilers can low run, causing the boiler to stop working and is particularly common with combi gas boilers. There is a pressure gauge or dial with 1-4 bars showing. Your system pressure should be at 1.5 bar.
    If it’s lower than 1 bar, most sealed systems won’t function due to boiler safety cut out device the ‘filling’ loop normally under the boiler lets you fill the system with more water.

Contact us right away on 020 8395 8616 we will discuss your breakdown and can arrange for an engineer to visit your property. On that visit we can do our best to fix your boiler, but follow up appointments may be required.

All repairs and jobs come with a 12-month workmanship guarantee.

All our new boilers come with a 7-year manufacturer warranty. You are covered for all parts and labour in that time (this applies to the boiler unit only). Subject to terms and conditions.

We offer repairs to all boiler makes .

We cover a wide area which includes Middlesex, West London & Surrey. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 020 8395 8616