If your pool boiler is causing you a headache and you want to avoid expensive call-out fees then learning about some of the most common problems can help. We’ve shared a list of the issues that many pool boilers display and the quick fixes that you can try. We will also let you know when a problem should be investigated by an expert so that you don’t put yourself and others in danger. Check them out now!

The Boiler Won’t Power Up

This problem is one of the most common issues for pool owners and can happen for a variety of reasons. By checking that the unit is correctly plugged into looking for damaged wiring, you should be able to source the issue visually. If it is caused by fraying or broken wires then you must call an expert out as any electric issues need to be dealt with by a qualified electrician.

You Keep Getting Error Codes

Another common issue for pool owners is when their boiler is displaying an error code but they don’t know what it relates to, To work it out, use your owner manual and look up fault codes. If you no longer have a manual then you can download a copy from the manufacturer’s website. If the error code relates to something that needs to be fixed, then it is important to invest in a boiler engineer visit.

The Temperature Isn’t Increasing

Temperature issues are possibly the most common issue for pool owners, but it may just be a case of adjusting your thermostat to get the boiler running again. If the temperature of your pool is equal to or higher than the thermostat, your boiler will turn off. Make sure you set your thermostat at the temperature you need to avoid this problem occurring.

Filter and Pump Problems

Interestingly, if your filter or pump is not working properly then this can have a negative impact on the way your boiler runs, slowing it down and even stopping it from working at all. To avoid this issue, make sure that you regularly clean and clear the filter and pump so that debris cannot build up and cause your boiler to fail.

Avoiding Issues with a Service Plan Solution

If you’d rather avoid problems with your pool before they arise then arranging a service plan is a great idea. Many pool specialists offer service options, and this helps you to keep your boiler in pristine condition as well as finding problems before they become expensive and difficult to repair. A boiler service is best done at the start or end of the season or even at both points for stress-free swimming.

Always employ a registered engineer so that you can maintain a paperwork trail of all the work that has been done. Regular servicing can add more than five years of life to a boiler when you invest in a plan once your boiler stops being covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

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