All too often, property managers and owners wait until their commercial boiler has completely broken down before they arrange for it to be checked and repaired. Unfortunately, this tends to happen whenever heat is most needed on the coldest days of the year, and as the failure occurs unexpectedly, the chances are that there are no emergency funds available to repair the issue.

Although regular maintenance on at least an annual basis is the best way to keep your commercial boiler functioning at its optimal level for as long as possible, eventually any boiler will fail and will require replacement. It’s always best to replace yours before it breaks down completely to prevent disruption and unforeseen expense.

Commercial boilers have a lifespan of between 15 and 30 years, but as they get older they become increasingly inefficient. Therefore, even if yours is still functioning, it could be almost time to consider a replacement.

How do you know that your commercial boiler could benefit from being replaced? Here are a few things to look out for and consider.

How Old Is Your Boiler?

Condensing boilers have not been available for very long, so it’s quite difficult to predict how long they’re likely to last. With correct maintenance, they could last a minimum of 15 years. On the other hand, though, cast iron boilers should be replaced if they’ve been running for over 20 – 30 years.
While some of those boilers are capable of lasting for half a century or even more, even with the best annual maintenance they are considerably less efficient than a modern cast iron boiler. Often, the saving in fuel bills from replacing your old boiler can pay for the cost in just a year or so.

How High Are Your Energy Bills?

If your energy bills are increasing year on year, it’s important to consider whether your boiler could benefit from being replaced. Not only could your energy bills be rising because of the boiler’s age, but it could also be down to the increased cost of maintenance.

If boilers need to be serviced constantly, it’s likely the system is less efficient, and upgrading it to a more durable and reliable unit would be the best solution.

Is Your Boiler Noisy?

If your commercial boiler is becoming especially noisy over time, it could benefit from replacement. Any whirring, clicking or banging all indicate that it could be time to think about buying a new model.

How Often Does Your Boiler Fail?

If your boiler is breaking down more and more often, this indicates that it could benefit from replacement. There may be a component which is broken, and this constant failure will put more stress on other components.

Is Your Boiler Leaking?

If your boiler leaks or needs water to be added regularly, this indicates it could have reached the end of its useful life. If you replace the unit sooner rather than later, you can avoid the expense of a flood, or of critical damage to the property or boiler itself.

How Comfortable Are Your Rooms?

If some of the rooms inside your premises are too cold, too hot or have a varying temperature during the day, you may find that the boiler unit or its controls aren’t effective, or your premises could benefit from having more efficient controls.

Are Your Boiler Components Still Available?

One consideration that many commercial landlords overlook is whether or not the components and parts for your commercial boiler are still available. Over time, manufacturers eventually stop manufacturing certain boiler parts for units that are no longer sold, and that are no longer popular.

If your boiler is ageing, it’s quite possible that the spare parts no longer exist – or could be extremely expensive. It’s best to consider replacing an old boiler if you can no longer buy the parts before it suffers from a breakdown, as otherwise, you will need to replace the whole system in a hurry.

Replacing Your Commercial Boiler

If you recognise any of these signs in your commercial boiler, or if yours is getting on in years, you may benefit from having a replacement unit fitted. We can help you to assess your needs and determine the best heating system solution for your commercial property.

Whether your existing boiler is very old, making strange noises, failing to operate efficiently, or suffering from regular breakdowns, arranging to have your system inspected by our qualified Gas Safe Engineers is always the best solution.

We can advise you as to whether or not your boiler should be replaced, help you to choose a new model that is right for your requirements, and arrange for it to be installed at your convenience. Contact us today to learn more.

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