Is your boiler on its way out or are you simply looking to install a new boiler for maximum efficiency? Here we’ve put together a short guide for you so you can determine exactly who much it costs to install a new heating system in your home.

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from £2000-£4500 to install a completely new boiler heating system. The cost varies considerably based on whether an existing heating system is fitted in your property and the type of system you seek to install. The main points which dictate the cost are: 

  • Boiler type, brand and capacity
  • The pipework and radiators already in place or required
  • Ease of installation – whether it is a straight device swap, complete boiler heating system installation, or relocation of the system

Boiler Devices

The initial point of consideration and your biggest outlay is the boiler size, brand, and model which you choose. There are various boiler types available, varying in price from £500-£2500 depending on your unique home’s needs. A higher performance boiler will come with a heftier price tag, however it will offer increased energy efficiency, a longer life span, and the device will require less maintenance. Therefore, the market’s most current boiler options prove suitable investments, with sizeable cost savings in the long term. 

Each of the boiler options has different features and adaptations to suit your property’s needs. When making your selection, there are many things to consider, such as the device’s size vs. the available space, capacity to serve your property’s water consumption, water pressure, temperature, and fuel type. All of these variables will affect the cost of your new boiler, and you should look carefully at your current usage, as well as future projected usage. 

Pipework and Labour

The majority of a boiler heating system’s installation cost, away from the device itself, is labour and copper piping. The costs for this depend on whether your home already has the appropriate pipework in place. This generally negates the difference between saving and spending additional hundreds to thousands of pounds. A quick way to identify whether pipework is installed is to note whether radiators are fitted throughout rather than electric heaters. 

If there is no pipework in place within the property, then an entire boiler heating system is required. In this instance, the price range varies based upon the size of your home, the chosen boiler device, the number of radiators needed, and the required location of the boiler. A professional will

discuss, in-depth, how best to approach this for the most cost-effective solution. 

If your property benefits from complete pipework, you are already on the road to saving time and money. This means you do not need an entire boiler heating system installed, simply a boiler swap and possibly some minor alterations to the existing system. The majority of the installation price comprises of copper tubes and labour, so as both areas are reduced dramatically with a simple boiler change, your costs will be reduced. 

Thermostats and Controls

There is a range of compatible controls available from every boiler manufacturer, these vary from simple thermostats to wireless sensors and smart thermostats. Thermostats shouldn’t increase the installation cost by too much, and it is worth considering including a smart thermostat in your boiler heating system.

Room thermostats are incredibly simple to use, with a basic arrow-marked dial. The temperature is adjusted, controlling the heating system and switching it off once the room reaches the desired warmth. There are also digital options available, which operate in much the same way. 

Smart thermostats are becoming increasingly popular as they allow you to track your home’s energy usage and provide additional features to control your heating. There is an option to synchronise your smart thermostat with an app on your smartphone, making it possible to control your heating wherever an internet connection is available. 

Certain smart thermostats also afford you the option to adjust the temperature of your heating by room, connecting multiple thermostats throughout the property. However, such upgrades do come with an additional price tag but provide you with an unprecedented level of control and offer cost-saving elements.  

There are additional modifications that may alter the quote to install your boiler heating system, which may be recommended by the engineer, including:

  • Relocation of the boiler or moving of radiators
  • The fitting of additional pipework 
  • Upgrades to your gas mains following Gas Safe regulations
  • Amendments to the installation of the flue and its direction, which requires further labour
  • Converting a system boiler that uses a hot water cylinder to a combi boiler system

Here is an average calculation to guide what to expect, based upon a three-bedroom, two-storey property. The installation cost is based upon an engineer charging a day rate of £200, plus an extra labourer at £100 per day.

New boiler supplied and installed: £900-£1500
8 radiators throughout the property supplied and installed: £900-£1200
Water tank supplied and installed: £150-£200
Additional parts and labour: £150-£200
Pipework supply and installation: £800-£1000
Total cost – £2900-£4100

It is recommended to always check the registration number of the installer on the Gas Safe Register and ensure that you are provided with a written, comprehensive quotation for the installation of your boiler heating system.

If you’re considering having a whole new heating system installed, or are just looking to replace your boiler, get in touch with us here at Rowlen and we’ll be able to provide you with a free quotation.

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