About Keston Boilers

Keston is a trusted and respected British boiler manufacturer delivering high-quality products for both commercial and domestic settings. Thanks to their rigorous and extensive development and research procedures as well as their quality control manufacturing checks, all of their appliances and boilers are made to the very highest standards for the purchaser’s complete peace of mind.

This brand offers customers warranties as long as seven years on their purchases. Keston’s twin flue system allows for hassle-free and easy installations since it can be extended as far as 27m from a boiler, and this means that boilers from the Keston range can be located in any space without compromises.

The original parent company behind Keston was first launched in 1928, providing commercial and domestic heating servicing and installations. The company was purchased in 2006 by Ideal Heating and moved to its current manufacturing site seven years later.

The Keston Boiler Range

Keston takes pride in offering an extensive range of high-quality boilers that are adaptable enough to suit any purpose or application. The products within its range include:

The System S30

Simple to install and highly efficient, the Keston System S30 represents a great solution whether you’re replacing a heating system or buying a brand-new one. Compact and lightweight, it’s speedy to fit, even for problematic installation locations.

Suited to all kinds of domestic installation, this model boasts a high ErP efficiency rating as well as seven years of warranty and 27m flexible twin flue capacity. Compact enough to fit into a kitchen cupboard and lightweight, it is simple to install out of sight.

The Combi C30 And C35

Keston’s combination C30 and C35 boiler models supply hot water and heat with no need for an additional water tank. Thanks to the 7-year warranty on this product, together with its 27m twin flue capability and energy saving features, this combi boiler is ideal for heating domestic properties without any hassles.

Compact enough to be wall-hung inside a regular kitchen cupboard, there are two output options available – the 30kW and the 35kW. An excellent feature of both models is the weather compensation kit which comes as standard, allowing the boiler to accurately measure the temperature outdoors and accordingly adjust the flow of the boiler to reach the perfect consistent temperature to save on energy usage.

The Heat 45 And 55

These models are efficient and reliable wall-hung boilers that are protected by a 5-year warranty on parts and labour. Providing high efficiency and low running costs with as much as 110% part load, the Heat 45 and 55 range provides Class 5 low NOx emissions and at under 40mg/kWh has maximum points under the BREEAM scheme. These boilers are simple to cascade to produce outputs as high as 330kW, making them the perfect option for commercial applications.

The Heat 2 45 And 55

Whether for a domestic or commercial heating application, this model is a flexible option with a choice of either a 45kW or 55kW output. Coming complete with a 5-year warranty on all parts and labour, this boiler is a market-leading solution for the most challenging commercial and domestic installations. Offering twin flue capability up to 18 metres, this reliable and long-lasting boiler is straightforward to both service and install. Room sealed, with low NOx emissions, this appliance has a Class 6 certification for cleaner air and emissions for better air quality overall.

Keston Boiler Installation & Servicing

Keston’s high-quality boilers for both domestic and commercial applications are designed with the needs of modern purchasers in mind. User-friendly, simple to install, and easy to maintain, the Keston range includes models that are suited for all kinds of applications, even those that are especially challenging.

It’s always recommended to regularly service a Keston boiler at intervals of at least one year for domestic models and every six months for a commercial model. It’s essential to ensure your boiler is maintained properly with regular servicing to ensure any potential issues with the internal parts and components are spotted and rectified at an early stage before a full breakdown occurs.

Furthermore, regular servicing gives engineers the chance to remove all of the accumulated dirt, dust and residue that builds up in a boiler’s internal components, keeping it running at optimal efficiency in the long run.

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