About Lochinvar Commercial Boilers

Lochnivar is an American-founded company that made the transition across the pond to the UK in 1976, and they’ve been creating high-quality hot water and heating solutions ever since. Walter Vallett first created a water heater in 1919 and it was the first of its kind to be gas-fired automatically.

The company expanded very quickly, and by the late 1950s they were producing water heaters for domestic and commercial use, as well as larger industrial water heaters. Many of the boilers around the world today owe their engineering in part to this company, as they developed the highly efficient systems used even today. 

In 2011, the Lochnivar brand in both the USA and the UK were picked up by A.O. Smith, widely considered one of the most prominent water heater manufacturers in the world. They vowed to continue their mission in making Lochnivar commercial boilers a reliable and energy-efficient appliance, and have invested heavily in new technologies like renewables and solar as well as air source heat pumps. 

Whether you are requiring a small standalone boiler, or a series of Lochnivar commercial water heaters for a larger building, this brand has a wide range to select from. 

The Lochinvar Commercial Boiler Range

Lochnivar has lots of options when it comes to commercial heating solutions whether you are looking to heat a small café, a restaurant, a hotel or even an entire hospital. The range of nine boilers below allow you to choose the size of footprint you need for your boiler, and a selection of flue options and controls allows you to install the perfect one for your individual needs. 

The CREST (Condensing Boiler)

An exceptional fire-tube condensing boiler with high thermal efficiency of over 95%, this commercial appliance helps owners to reduce their carbon footprint by greatly lowering emissions. It boasts remote operating controls, as well as flow rates which can top 600gpm. Available in 12 output models, from 750,000 up to 6,000,000 btu/h. 

The CREST (with Hellcat Combustion Technology)

A hydronic boiler with specifically designed oxygen sensors, the CREST has 8 different models to choose from ranging from 1,000,000 btu/h up to 6,000,000 btu/h. These condensing boilers offer a high thermal efficiency, as well as Smart Touch which allows it to adapt to the various conditions in your commercial property.

FTXL (Fire-Tube Boiler)

With a very high thermal efficiency of 98%, this fire-tube boiler is available in a range of 5 different models to suit your needs – from 400,000 up to 850,000 btu/h. It functions with remote control with a range of flow rates up to 150gpm. If you’re looking for a Lochnivar commercial boiler with a small footprint, these models are only 6.2 square feet.


A highly dependable and reliable boiler with a 97% level of efficiency, the Knight XL by Lochnivar is a quality appliance boasting a turndown ratio of just 10:1. The five different models in this range all have remote connectivity enabled, as well as a touchscreen for easy operation. They come in a range of around 400,000 – 1,000,000 btu/h. 


A high-end condensing commercial boiler, the KNIGHT XL outdoor version has always been popular with property owners looking to save on interior space. With quality components like the heat exchanger crafted from stainless steel, it has an excellent efficiency of 96.3% and a low turndown of 10:1. Available in five models up to 1,000,000 btu/h. 


With the ability to be installed inside or outside of your commercial premises, the POWER-FIN is a versatile appliance with a thermal efficiency of 85%. It features technology such as remote-controlled operation, as well as a user-friendly touchscreen display. The models in this range can give an output of anywhere from half a million btu/h up to five million. 


With an 81% level of efficiency, these commercial gas-fired appliances by Lochnivar are excellent when you want to save money and square feet inside your property. Each of the boilers has been fitted with an Advanced Control System making them easy to service, and the btu/h output from these eight models ranges from around 500,000 up to 2,000,000.


With a Smart System control which can run a cascading sequencer if multiple appliances are needed, these models boast an 85% efficiency thanks to the heat exchanger which comes without a gasket. The nine versions of the COPPER-FIN II are designed for a heavy-duty long life, with btu/h outputs of over 2,000,000. 

COPPER-FIN (Atmospheric)

Sporting an integrated draft diverter and heat exchanger that comes without a gasket, this model from Lochnivar has an 82% efficiency and is available up to 500,000 btu/h. If features a two-stage temperature monitoring system, as well as a heat exchanger made from copper for a high level of efficiency. 

Lochinvar Commercial Boiler Installation & Servicing

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