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Understanding Pressurisation Units

Pressurisation units play a crucial role in sealed circulating systems, specifically in filling heating and chilled water systems. It’s important to note that pressurisation units differ from cold water booster sets, despite their similar appearance. A pressurisation unit is connected to a closed system at a neutral point, typically on the return to the main circulation pumps, unaffected by the system pump’s duty.

Importance of Maintenance

Regular maintenance of pressurisation units is essential to prevent failures in other parts of the system, such as heating and chilled water pumps. Our highly skilled engineers possess extensive knowledge and expertise in servicing various types of pressurisation units, including expansion and pump-style units.

When our engineers perform servicing, they not only ensure the units are in optimal condition but also assess the entire system’s installation to identify any potential issues that may cause ongoing problems. By addressing these concerns, we aim to enhance the longevity and performance of your system.

Service Contracts for System Maintenance

To maintain your pressurisation system in the best condition, we recommend considering our service contracts.

Skilled Engineers

Our team consists of highly trained engineers who possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in pressurisation units. They are familiar with the intricacies of various systems and follow manufacturer recommendations to thoroughly check all critical parts, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Reduce CO2 Emissions

Efficiency is a key focus in modern systems, and our servicing aims to reduce CO2 emissions. By ensuring your pressurisation unit operates at its peak efficiency, we contribute to a greener and more sustainable environment.

Increased System Reliability

Reliability is crucial when it comes to pressurisation units. Our meticulous servicing and maintenance procedures are designed to identify and address any potential issues, reducing the likelihood of system failures and minimizing costly downtime.

Pressurisation Methods: Expansion vs. Pump (Spill and Fill)

There are two primary methods of pressurisation: expansion and pump (spill and fill). Let’s take a closer look at each:

Pressurisation by Expansion

Expansion pressurisation involves the addition of an unvented expansion vessel to a heating or chilled system, which is charged with gas and sealed. The purpose of this vessel is to accommodate the increased volume of water as it expands. To prevent corrosion problems, expansion vessels typically incorporate a flexible rubber diaphragm, separating the water from a factory-applied charge of nitrogen. Nitrogen is preferred due to its lower solubility in water compared to air.

If you opt for expansion pressurisation, our team can provide you with a tailored quote based on your specific requirements.

Pressurisation by Pump (Spill and Fill)

Pressurisation by pump, also known as spill and fill, relies on a pump’s operation to generate pressure within the system. This method utilizes an expansion vessel to accommodate system expansion and a spill valve that discharges water into a spill tank, maintaining a constant pressure. Once the pre-set pressure is reached, the spill valve allows expanded water to escape into the spill tank or vessel. Consequently, the expansion vessel doesn’t need to be sized to accommodate all the expanded water.

Pump-style pressurisation units typically have multiple components that require regular checks. Our engineers, trained by the manufacturer, meticulously inspect all critical parts in accordance with their recommendations, ensuring the unit’s optimal performance.

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