Owning a commercial property comes with lots of responsibilities, including the requirement to maintain your commercial boiler regularly. Owning a Vaillant commercial boiler gives you access to a high-quality unit that will last many years if it is looked after properly. Here at Rowlen Boiler Services, we work hard to provide high-quality care when you need us the most – read our guide to commercial boiler servicing and find out exactly what you need and how we can provide it for you.

What Makes a Vaillant Commercial Boiler a Great Choice?

Vaillant has been making boilers for over 140 years and is a German company that is family owned and run. Not only do they offer high-quality designs and engineering, but they manufacture their boilers here in the UK. This is good news to anyone that owns a Vaillant system because it is simple, quick and cost-effective to get hold of spare parts when you need them.

Vaillant is a well-known and well-respected company that take their commitment to their customers seriously. They have also achieved the Quiet Mark award for their products, meaning that their systems have been designed to run quietly wherever they are installed.

What Do I Need To Arrange To Be Compliant and Legal?

Owning a commercial boiler means that you are legally responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and servicing of your system regardless of whether you have an old or new boiler. To be compliant, you will need to arrange annual servicing and get a Gas Safety Certificate from a registered engineer.

You will need to keep your certificates for twos years after they have been issued and if you do not adhere to the laws that govern commercial boiler safety, you may end up with a fine or prison time should anyone be injured due to negligence.

What Is Included In a Vaillant Boiler Service?

When you arrange a boiler service with us, we will agree a time and date that suits you so that your commercial interests do not suffer any disruptions. The engineer will arrive on the day and start by completing a visual check of the outside of the boiler before moving on to the internal components. Every aspect will be fully checked and cleaned, and the engineer will remove any blockages or grimy build-ups that may be stopping your boiler from working effectively.

Once the full service has been completed, the engineer will discuss everything they have done and anything they have found that needs addressing. This may mean that you have important repairs that need to be carried out immediately or warnings of work that will need to be done within a specific timeframe. As long as your boiler passes the Gas Safety Test, you will be given a copy of your Gas Safety Certificate for your records.

Should you need any work done on your boiler, our engineer will be able to provide you with a quote and book you in to have the work done. Or, you can consider the information you have been given and call us at a later date to arrange the work when you have had time to think.

Boiler Installation Near Me

Sometimes commercial boilers need so many repairs that it makes sense to replace the boiler instead. Our boiler replacement and installation service gives you access to market-leading Vaillant boilers at a reasonable price with quality fitting.

We are always happy to provide you with a quote for replacing your current system and will happily answer any questions you may have about the process of getting a new boiler. Our team is always on hand, and you should never feel pressured to proceed unless you are happy to.

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