Has your boiler stopped working? If so, the first thing that you should try is checking whether or not you can see a fault code on its display panel. The code, if any, will help you to determine the cause of the error that is preventing your boiler from functioning properly. The Vaillant F61 fault code is a commonly seen error on Vaillant boilers. But, what does it mean? Here, we take a closer look at the possible problems that could result in this fault code.

What Does The Vaillant F61 Error Code Mean?

If you have a Vaillant boiler that is displaying an F61 fault code, this means that there is a fault with the gas valve. This is a potentially dangerous error, so you will need to make sure that it’s repaired as quickly as possible. The printed circuit board of your boiler is designed to monitor several different sensors so it can determine if the boiler is functioning efficiently and safely. When you see the F61 fault code, it means that your boiler is locked out to keep you safe.

How Can The Vaillant F61 Fault Be Repaired?

It may be possible, in certain cases, to fix the gas valve on your boiler. However, if your boiler engineer believes that the fault could persist, even after a repair, you’ll need to get the gas valve replaced. When you Gas Safe Engineer checks your boiler, they may discover that other components like the pump or fan are also about to fail, so it may turn out that you need to replace the boiler rather than getting the gas valve repaired.

How Does The Vaillant F61 Error Develop?

In the majority of cases, when an F61 fault develops it means that the gas valve has seized or is stuck. This is quite normal since these are mechanical components that fail with time. In some cases, though, the problem mat be due to a fault in the valve, a wiring issue, or a communication error in the boiler’s circuit board.

  • Seized or stuck valves. It may be possible to free a seized or a stuck gas valve. However, it will require the services of a Gas Safe boiler engineer to assess the damage and carry out the repair. If they cannot free the valve completely, it may need to be replaced. If the gas valve is stuck partially open, it may let gas into the boiler’s combustion chamber. This can be dangerous. If it is partially stuck closed, your boiler will be starved of gas, and this, too, can be dangerous.
  • Connection or wiring problems. Another reason why your boiler may be displaying an F61 error code is because of a fault with the connections or wiring. It’s possible for wiring to become loose due to boiler parts like the fan and pump vibrating. Connections may also become damaged because of age, or because of another problem with the boiler like a leak that is causing water damage. It’s possible to fix and secure small connection and wiring issues. However, Gas Safe engineers often replace the gas valve to be certain that the problem is rectified and that the boiler is safe. This may be more affordable than having a repair carried out anyway.
  • A fault in the gas valve. Not every gas valve can be repaired. In some cases, the combination of damage and wear means it simply isn’t cost effective to repair the valve. A boiler engineer can test the gas valve to determine whether or not this is the case. It may require replacement.
  • A fault with the printed circuit board. Sometimes, the F61 error code isn’t anything to do with a faulty gas valve, even though that’s technically the cause. If a Gas Safe engineer believes the gas valve isn’t the cause of the issue, it could be due to a problem with the wiring harness connecting the PCB and the gas valve. The printed circuit board is your boiler’s control hub. Every electronic component relies on it to give it signals to know when to operate and when to stop operating. When the PCB has an issue, the boiler will lock out. A new PCB can be very costly, so it may be better value for money to replace the whole boiler.

What Happens Next?

If you’re experiencing a Vaillant F61 error code on your boiler, or if you’re experiencing any other issue with your central heating system, you should call our team of skilled and experienced Gas Safe engineers today and we will be happy to perform a boiler service too. We can help you to pinpoint the cause of the problem and then carry out a repair or replacement affordably, safely and professionally so your central heating and hot water can be restored to normal function as quickly as possible.

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