If you have a Worcester boiler that has a flashing light, you’re probably wondering what it means. Whether your Worcester Greenstar boiler is not firing up or whether you have a flashing blue light or red light on its control panel, you’ll need to know what course of action to take and what the warning alert could mean. Here, we answer your questions and give you an idea of when it’s time to call in professional help to repair your boiler.

What Does A Flashing Blue Light On A Worcester Boiler Mean?

If your Worcester Bosch has a flashing blue light, you should find that an error code accompanies it. This should help you to understand what type of fault the boiler has. There are, however, five potential causes of the blue light flashing:

1.Error Code EA – A Problem With The Gas Supply

If you have a Worcester Bosch Ri boiler, a blue light will flash if no has is being supplied to your unit. If you need to determine if there is a fault with your gas supply or boiler, you should check any of your home’s other gas appliances like the hob, oven or fire. If they work, you’ll know the gas supply is functioning perfectly. This means that the issue will lie with your boiler. You should never try to repair your boiler yourself. Call our team of Gas Safe engineers to identify the cause of the problem and to carry out a repair.

2.Error Code CE 207 – Low Boiler Pressure

Over time, all boilers lose pressure gradually. Your boiler needs to maintain the correct balance of pressure or the heating system can’t function correctly. If your boiler shows a CE 207 error code, you should check the pressure gauge. If it is below 1 bar, you need to repressurise the system.

3.Error Code EA – A Flue Blockage

If there is a blue flashing light paired with error code EA, this could indicate that the flue has a blockage. You should check for any damage or blockage in the flue and, if you find a problem, call our team of heating engineers. We can unblock or replace your flue if necessary at an affordable price. Alternatively, we can install flue guards to prevent debris from getting into the flue and blocking it again.

4.Error Codes D5 or EA – Blocked Condensate Pipe

Every condensing boiler has a condensate pipe which sends the wastewater out of the house and down the drain. If the weather is very cold outside, the condensate pipe can freeze and this can cause a blockage. You can thaw out the pipe yourself if you pour some hot (not boiling) water over it however you may be worried about damaging the pipe by doing this. If so, call our team and we can handle the problem for you safely.

5.Service Mode

When a Worcester Bosch has a fast flashing blue light this means the boiler has gone into service mode. This could be for two potential reasons. Either the boiler has been serviced recently and has accidentally been left in its service mode or, alternatively, you may have accidentally knocked the switch yourself.

What Does A Worcester Boiler Flashing Red Light Mean?

Although a flashing blue light is most common, some Worcester boilers have a flashing red light. This usually indicates that your boiler needs servicing by a professional heating engineer. Give us a call and we can determine the cause of the problem and carry out any necessary repairs at an affordable price.

How Do I Fix A Flashing Blue Light On A Worcester Bosch Boiler?

If you see a blue flashing light as well as an error code on your Worcester Bosch boiler, you should contact our team of skilled professional heating engineers. We can determine the nature of the fault since there are a number of potential causes.

The EA error code will usually appear if the blue light flashes and it means the flame that is needed to heat up the water is undetected. It could be because:

  • The boiler has no gas supply
  • The gas pressure has dropped too low
  • The flue is blocked
  • The condensate pipe is blocked
  • There is a fault in the ignition lead or electrode
  • The flame sensor has a problem

Unless you can immediately see the cause of the problem – for example your gas supply to your property has been turned off – it’s always wise to contact our professional engineers. We can carry out the necessary checks safely and then carry out or arrange essential repairs or replacements so that your heating system can be returned to full working order again.

How Do I Reset My Worcester Boiler?

If you know how to reset your boiler you may be able to get it working once more. But if the EA error code is visible, you should avoid resetting the boiler until you’ve had it checked by one of our Gas Safe engineers.

You can reset the boiler by simply pressing the reset button and holding it down for three seconds. If you have certain models of Worcester boiler you might find that there is no button. Instead, you may see a reset light at the end of its temperature dial. To reset this type of boiler, you will need to turn down the dial until it has reached the reset light. Hold it in place for three seconds then turn the dial back to its original position afterwards.

We only advise that you try this if you don’t see any error codes on your boiler and if you are confident that you have resolved any issues that you have with your boiler. It is always advisable to see professional advice when dealing with your central heating system and our friendly, helpful team are on hand to answer your questions and to carry out checks to reassure you. Give us a call.

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