Worcester are one of the top boiler manufacturers in the UK, with a high rating for energy efficiency and more than capable boilers to suit almost any home. These boiler systems are built with an excellent user interface and the panel allows for quick checks when you need to diagnose an issue with your boiler, allowing an engineer to walk you through any problems if needed. 

Depending on what type of Worcester boiler installation you have, the error codes for problematic issues should always clearly be displayed. Whether you are having issues with a classic combi boiler from Worcester Bosch, or have a Greenstar, Highflow or CDi system, there should always be a digital panel to display the information so you can take effective action. 

Locating An Error Code On The Worcester Boiler

First of all, locate your boiler and ensure the area directly in front of it is clear so you can see what you’re doing. There should be a drop-down flap on most models at the bottom, so simply place your finger on the flap and lower it, revealing a small screen alongside other controls. It is this screen that will be displaying your error in the form of a code. 

Boilers which don’t have a dropdown flap should have a circular area in the middle at the bottom where you can read the code on an LCD screen. 

Types Of Error Code You Can Encounter On A Worcester Boiler

There are five different types of code that can potentially be displayed on this screen to give you a greater insight into what is happening with your boiler. From this information you can attempt to fix the boiler yourself by searching the fault code displayed, however we don’t recommend homeowners attempt to fix their boiler on their own. 

This is because a boiler is a delicate and complex piece of machinery dealing with gas and boiling hot water, and we wouldn’t want you to get hurt, damage your boiler or damage your heating system and home. It’s always best to give the professionals a call when you are receiving error codes on your boiler that are interfering with your heating system working as intended. 

This could be a lack of hot water in the kitchen or in the bathroom, the radiators not heating up, or your boiler making a strange noise. Here we’ll look at the five common types of boiler error code:

A blocking error – this is when your boiler stops working however no actual fault code is displayed. If you press the button near the screen which looks like a spanner, the boiler then gives you the code as it diagnoses it. More often than not a blocking error can clear on its own, for example if it is waiting to cool down. 

A fault error – this is the most common type of fault that you will encounter on your Worcester boiler. In this scenario a fault has occurred somewhere within the boiler system and it will give you a code made up of letters and numbers so that your gas engineer can quickly assess the issue and provide a remedy. 

A cause error – this kind of error will be displayed as a number with three digits. It can be found by pressing the button with a spanner symbol if there is a blocking error or even if it is working normally. If there is a locking error, then this code should begin to flash across the screen, letting you know that something isn’t quite right. 

A locking error – one of the more serious errors and not something you should try to fix on your own, you will be shown a warning triangle on the screen with an exclamation mark inside it as well as a fault code being displayed beside it. This will need investigating by a professional boiler repair service, and then reset once the error has been resolved. 

A maintenance error – if your boiler has been operational for many years, then it is likely to display a maintenance code which shows it should be examined by a professional engineer. The fault doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong with your boiler, only that should be serviced to keep it in good working order. This code is a letter H with a number after it. 

Common Examples Of Error Code On A Worcester Boiler

Many kinds of fault code can be displayed on your system, so here is a quick guide to the most common error codes on your Worcester Bosch boiler.

A1 – the pump possibly needs to be replaced

A41 – a fault with the heat exchanger

A281 – there is a leak in the system

E9224 – an overheating issue with the boiler

D5 – a problem with a blocked condensate pipe

C6 – the speed of the fan is too low

EA – a flame has not been detected

FD231 – there has been a fault with the mains power

If you’re experiencing issues with your boiler and need professional advice or help, give Rowlen Boiler Services a call today and we’ll get your Worcester boiler error issue sorted as soon as possible.

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