Back boilers are considered an older system for heating, but they are still commonly found in many households. A back boiler is located behind a fireplace, usually a gas fireplace. Rising in popularity in the 1960s, back boiler systems have fallen out of favour with consumers due to how energy inefficient they are and the more costly heating bills associated with them. 

Back boiler owners may also find it hard to obtain replacements for faulty parts, as back boilers and their components are no longer manufactured. If your back boiler has stopped working or is causing you problems, you may be wondering how to go about getting an effective back boiler replacement.

How Does Back Boiler Replacement Work?

As back boilers are located behind fireplaces, you may be concerned that your fireplace will need to be torn out to remove the back boiler. This is not necessarily required. One option is to isolate the electric, gas and water supply to the back boiler and simply leave it in place. If you would prefer to have it removed, then you will need to look at whether the fireplace needs to be taken apart or whether you can remove the back boiler without causing any structural damage to your fireplace.

If you are switching from a back boiler system to a combi boiler system, then the back boiler will need to be removed and the pipes will need to be rerouted to the new boiler location. A boiler flue will need to be installed, and for this reason your new boiler will need to be located near an outside wall. 

If you have a back boiler system, you will also have a hot water cylinder that is most likely going to be located in your airing cupboard. This will also need to be removed unless you are opting for a system boiler instead of a combi boiler. Unfortunately, you will still have to relocate the system from the fireplace to elsewhere in the house, as all modern boilers need to be installed near an outside wall. Most fireplaces are not located next to an outside wall and so you would not be able to install a safe boiler flue.

What Are the Benefits of Replacing Your Back Boiler?

Back boilers are an outdated system that was popular in the 1960s but pale in comparison to modern systems. Back boilers are hard to repair because the parts are no longer manufactured. They are not energy efficient which is both a negative for the environment and your bank balance. 

By replacing your back boiler, you have the opportunity to save money, make life a little easier for yourself when it comes to boiler replacement and it allows you to turn your old gas fireplace into a more updated, modern space.

How Much Does Back Boiler Replacement Cost?

The removal of your back boiler could cost anywhere between £600 and £800. If you move to a system boiler, it will not be as costly as if you opt for a combi boiler as you may not necessarily need to remove the hot water cylinder. 

The most expensive choice is to move from a back boiler system to a combi boiler system because of the amount of work needed to remove and relocate pipes, tanks and the original system. This could cost you well over £3000, including the cost of the new boiler. It will save you money in the long run on energy bills and boiler repairs but be prepared for a costly installation and potential damages to your existing fireplace. Here at Rowlen we offer an affordable back boiler replacement service to bring your home into the 21st century. Get in touch today for your free quotation.

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